Fight Night Round 3 vs UFC 2009 Undisputed

Going to grab a few game's from Game from their 3 for £10 pre-owned list and was just wondering if anybody had any opinion's on the best game out of the 2 before I order thanks in advance for any input :)


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I've got a few friends that love UFC, I've tried it and while I think it looks fantastic but I just found it a little overwhelming, too much to learn, moves etc but if your willing to put the time into it then you can't go wrong I'd say.

I've played all the Fight Night games and enjoyed them all, they play brilliantly, look fantastic, really easy to get into. They were great online aswell especially with friends but I'm not even sure the servers are still up and running.

Going by that mate I would go for FN 3 I've not got the time to put into a game, I much rather put the game in and hit the ground running but if it's Fight Night I'm more than likely just to hit the ground!! ;)

Fight Night 3 is brilliant.

Very easy to get into and fantastic to play, enjoy :-)

UFC 2009 is a brilliant Fighting Game with a surprising level of technical depth.


Fight Night 3 is a guaranteed 1000 achievement points.


It's an alright boxer also so if you haven't played any of the sequels it should not seem like a step back.

Expect to see lots of dodgy sweat and facial injury technology that was hugely impressive in 2005/6 but a little naff nowadays.

Fight Night 3 is easily the best one out of the lot! The best control system, a good career mode, but the best part is playing against a mate next to you on the sofa and going toe to toe trying to out counter punch each other :)

I agree ^

What about UFC 2010? I enjoyed the demo a lot but when I bought the game it seems like they changed the gameplay a bit and toned down the blood.. maybe I've got the wrong impression of it.

UFC hands down.  The learning curve is a little much but after that....loads of fun.  I still play UFC 3 today.  UFC 2009 was the best one of the bunch (IMO).  Stand-up fighting is very easy to learn.  Once you learn ground defense and how to stand out cause your gonna love this game.  Tip, if you decide to get it, play on easy till you learn the ground game.  Both are good games to play.  I am a UFC fan soooo I have a one sides opinion.

Thanks for all the input guys! Nothing wrong with a bit of dodgy sweat!! Phil ufc2010 wasn't in the 3 for £10 deal

I went for FN3 and 2 others so hopefully they should arrive in  the next few days ;)

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