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Hi, i tried posting this in the game forum but it seems noone ever goes there.

Can anyone tell me how you can use your legacy boxer in fight now mode.  Currently my fighter is available in fight now mode but does not have his trained up stats making him pretty useless.


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Hey Cartman


I believe you need to finish a career with him to then use him with really good stats.


The fastest fight of my life was using Middleweight Andre Bishop against my "created fighter".


Andre started the bout with 2 quick left jabs... the 2nd of which caused an instant Flash KO and my fighter crumpled like a sack of potatoes and had to be carried from the ring.


If it's not what I said above it wouldn't surprise me to see that you have to pay EA for the stat increase (which apparently does not carry over to different game modes).



Thanks Azrael, i dont wanna retire him just yet tho cos i need 2 boost his stats more!!

I dont think ill ever unlock bishop, frost and co, i gave up trying to beat frost in the last fight, ridiculously hard.  and i aint gonna pay for anything.  apart from that good game :)

No problem at all.


The Story Mode to this game is pretty good but it throws people because it is essentially a massive tutorial.


Instead of boxing like a normal fight you have to satisfy the specific requirements for the fight or in the case of Frost, the round.


This fight is heavily scripted and to survive you will need to do exactly as your corner says.

For the first 2 rounds you must simply survive.
- Blocking (RT) is your friend. Protect your head.
- Release RT and double tap left to quickly back step out of range.
- Use LB (push) to keep Frost at bay if you get shoved in a corner.
- If you get rocked hit LB RB immediately to clinch and hang on until your stamina bar goes from red to yellow.

In the next 3 rounds you have to land 75 hits to the body. Not too hard to do, LT with hooks and uppercuts will all count. Just protect yourself which is sometimes easier said than done. Remember you only need to land 25 punches per round so don't panic. Strike and back off.

- You have to defend a cut for the next 2 rounds. Use all the tricks mentioned above.
- Round 8 you will be able to take him down.

There's a checkpoint after each "event" you have to complete so if you get knocked out trying to land 75 body blows you'll re-start at the beginning of that. If you can't defend your cut for 2 rounds you re-start at the beginning of that.

Hope that helps.  I'm with you on the "paying for extra" crap.


EA have gotten so greedy that it is unlikely I shall buy the next one and I tend to avoid works they publish in general.



Yeah id noticed that, thanks for the detailed reply tho.

Id managed to survive the first 2 rounds, after countless attempts, and reached a checkpoint, well so i thought, as i switched it off then tried again later on to find that i was back to round 1 again.  That moment killed me, i couldnt face doing the whole 1st 2 rounds again.

Fighting Frost is one of the hardest things ive done. I have come so close to smashing my pad off the floor.

The only advice I have is literally run for the first 2 rounds, don't let him near you. And try and only get knocked down every 3 rounds or not at all.

I think you can unleash on him at round 8, he only takes a few punches. Took me a good 45 minutes to complete it and thats with restarting the game a few times.