Fight Night Champion Argh!!!

Is it just me or did anyone find it really hard to defeat Issac Frost?


I run like a chicken for the first 2 rounds and he still somehow manages to put me down. And even then at round 3 I cant get inside and attack his body.


This is all on ametur too. Has anyone taken him out and not gone the whole hog as I have dazed him a few times with powerful counter attacks.


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its been a while,but you have to listen to what the corner is telling you,and use  block ALL THE TIME.

use jabs the whole time you are attacking prior to being told to finish him,if you use uppercuts or hooks when attacking the body he will just counter you.

you will NOT be able to finish him until later in the fight.

Finally did it. Got through all the stupid stuff and then knocked him down in the first 30 seconds of the 8th round.

EA ruined that Game, I thoroughly enjoyed the campaign up until that last fight.