FIFA Street Demo

Has anyone played it yet? If so what did you think of it and shall you be placing an order for it?


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I Shall be buying it, but then again, you knew that. As to the game itself, Maybe its just me, but i find the skill range limited, whether it be the demo or me not reading the manual, I find myself only doing pannas and flicks over players heads, as it seems, its the best one yet, ahead of FS1, I will be buying it, but not from game to get the preorder bonus, I Will purchase from

The world tour mode is looking good, even allowing you to import your VP, but it made mine black, and I am not black, so I need to sort that out if possible.

I am most looking forward too the competitive element , as with all Fifa games, The CPU gets boring, so it will be like back in the day all the way back to 2005 when We played at each others houses before the major overhaul for online gaming.

Shaping up to be one of the best fifa games In a long while, although the whole entire squads would of been good, I mean their charging the same amount as FIFA 12 afterall.


I liked it. I will have it.

pre ordered mine as i love fifa street, and the demo seemed goodnot played much tho, loved the fact my virtual pro can be imported

i liked the way you can download your buddies Pro's in your team....its kinda awesome

Played the demo earlier, seems like it'll be fun for a day or two but it'll get old very fast. Might just stick with the demo to be honest and play loads of rematches against my mate.

I agree with Primo. First game i was pretty impressed, then it just got kinda boring. Will stick it on my rental list though.

Yea i found the demo quite limited and i don't think i'll get it on day one; may wait a while and see if theres any decent deals on it before forking out the money.

Might be wishful thinking hoping for otherwise, but can anyone confirm that there is an online pass for this game?

I assume so/