Fifa Season 5

Each Friday 3 sets of fixtures shall be posted; you will all have 1 week to complete your fixtures and posting results. If you can not arrange a game then please post here and let us know your problems; if any member falls behind on games then they shall get the games awarded against them.

Please take the time to read the below League rules:

1) No created players to be added to your squad (including your pro)
2) Live season should not be enabled
3) All matches should follow standard rules i.e. 6 mins, normal speed, default settings for weather, pitch, ball etc.
4) The result at the end of 90 mins will be the final one.(except knockout cup matches, where normal extra time then penalties will be played) You can continue playing should you wish but only the result after 90 minutes will count.
5) Please post results in the relevant forum thread.

Also please remember that a cut back and shot is not against the rules, neither is crossing the ball for a header. If you get annoyed or frustrated and blame the game/opponent/cat when you concede these typs of goals then please do not sign up.

Please ensure that if you sign up you can dedicate around an hour of your week to play your fixtures.

Lastly and most importantly HAVE FUN. Its all about a having a laugh so nobody take it too serious or start taking the mick out of people although friendly banter is encouraged.

A link to the Season 5 League Table  will appear in my sig in due course please bookmark it for future reference.

Good luck everyone and if you have any queries please contact Boas BS5 or Philip1979.

If the mod's have any objection to this thread then please contact the OP.

Previous Winners

Season 2 - Killer2u
Season 2 cup - Killer2u

Season 3 league 1 - Killer2u
Season 3 league 2 - That Podge


Season 4 league 1 - That podge

Season 4 league 1 - xbazzax


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Group 1
El Rampagno - Aston Villa
FantasticoMrFox - Benfica
Boas BS5 - Chelsea

Group 2
Hopewea - Manchester United
pagie 77 - Man City

Group 3
deezee - Chelsea
Philip1979 - Barcelona
T0mBs75 - Bayern Munich

Group 4
WonderfulWest - Real Madrid
jwyman85 - Inter Milan
Yoshis Codeye - Brazil

Group 5
Spectacular - Real Madrid
therobster1981- Bolton Wanderers
JAYROCK666 - Inter

Group 6
TANK - Napoli
WorkGoGo ToTo - Arsenal
That Podge - Milan

Group 7
ingoish456 - Arsenal
Laughing Seal - Manchester Utd

Group 8
QuenchinA – Barcelona
ScarletCrompton - Bolton Wanderers

Hopewea and bazza, when u free to play??

played laughing 1-1

so this is a cup in champs league format ? lol we can't even get a league / cup finished ... I'm guessing this won't work :)

Those groups Boas, are they for season 5? I've been left out if so :(

Sorry mate, someone must have removed you from the list. Join group 7 with ingoish and laughing seal as i forgot to tell them to play a knockout match and they dre.

lol .. yeah we did, can't really have a mini league with 2 people :)

when's the actual league boas?

Ingoish when you played Seal you should have just went into extra time and pens to settle the game as there are 2 groups with only 2 teams so basically it is just a one off game to see who goes into the last 8 but you dont need to worry about it now LegoHead has joined up

nah we've got a 3rd player !

Yeah I know thats why I said at the end you dont need to worry about it

Wicked! Can I join as Arsenal?

* Please try a lower page number.

* Please enter only numbers.

* Please try a lower page number.

* Please enter only numbers.