Fifa Season 4 League 1

Welcome to Season 4 of the OXF FIFA League. The following players are part off League 1:

Laughing Seal
That Podge
Quenching A
Boas BS5

Each Friday 2 sets of fixtures shall be posted; you will all have 1 week to complete your fixtures and posting results. If you can not arrange a game then please post here and let us know your problems; if any member falls behind on games then they shall get the games awarded against them.

Please take the time to read the below League rules:

1) No created players to be added to your squad (including your pro)
2) Live season should not be enabled
3) All matches should follow standard rules i.e. 6 mins, normal speed, default settings for weather, pitch, ball etc.
4) The result at the end of 90 mins will be the final one. You can continue playing should you wish but only the result after 90 minutes will count.
5) Please post results in the relevant forum thread.

Also please remember that a cut back and shot is not against the rules, neither is crossing the ball for a header. If you get annoyed or frustrated and blame the game/opponent/cat when you concede these typs of goals then please do not sign up.

Please ensure that if you sign up you can dedicate around an hour of your week to play your fixtures.

Lastly and most importantly HAVE FUN. Its all about a having a laugh so nobody take it too serious or start taking the mick out of people although friendly banter is encouraged.

A link to the Season 4 League Table 1  can be located HERE please bookmark for future reference.

Good luck everyone and if you have any queries please contact Boas BS5 or Philip1979.

If the mod's have any objection to this thread then please contact the OP.

Previous Winners

Season 2 - Killer2u
Season 2 cup - Killer2u

Season 3 league 1 - Killer2u
Season 3 league 2 - That Podge


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Sorry posted in the wrong place, mods can u delete? Or move it to the Uk Gen for me??

boas did you find the fixtures ?

my results were as follows if they still stand ..

ingoish (0) spec (2)

ingoish (0) tank (0)

ingoish (3) scarletc (1)

Fxture 1

Boas BS5 vs Blaydonraces

Deezee vs TAIVK

Hopewea vs Spectacular

iBurbz vs Scarlett Crompton

Ingoish456 vs Quenching A

Killer2u vs Pagie77

Laughing Seal vs That Podge


Fixture 2

Blaydonraces 0  vs  0 Deezee

Pagie77 vs Laughing Seal

Quenching A vs Killer2u

Scarlett Crompton 1 vs 3 Ingoish456

Spectacular vs iBurbz

TAIVK vs Hopewea

That Podge vs Boas BS5


Fixture played due to error

Ingoish456 0 vs 2 Spectacular

Scarlett Crompton 1 vs 1 Laughing Seal

TAIVK 0 vs 0 Ingoish456

Gosh the formatting is terrible on 'ere

yeah, how do you qoute  as well ! :)

oh and aint seen Quenching A online for bout a week, any idea were hes at ?

due to the poor layout of these new forums I didnt know this thread existed so I re posted the the threads from the original forum

Season 1

Season 2

Wheres the quote button gone and all the smileys and everything?  

Is this the new thread to use to post our scores?

my results so far ...

ingoish (0) spec (2)

ingoish (0) tank (0)

ingoish (3) scarletc (1)

just played ...

ingoish (1) quench (3)

Boas just had a look at the league table and everybody except Laughing Seal has the wrong points

* Please try a lower page number.

* Please enter only numbers.

* Please try a lower page number.

* Please enter only numbers.