FIFA 14 Xbox One - weird crash

Hi, Occasionally when I make a substitution the oncoming player is still wearing his tracksuit and some players from the bench appear as though they are sat in the centre circle. Has anyone else experienced this? It has happened twice to me now. I can't remember if it was a triple substitution te first time but it definitely wa second time around. Thoughts?

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ive seen the sub with the tracksuit thats strange one, the one i hate is the career mode crashing back to the dash after you play the first match, i hope they fix that soon

it looks that way to me. how ridiculous. now there is absolutely NO chance of Tottenham are ever winning the premiership in real life or gameslife!

Sorry to be a humpty but can you just play a regular season. Last FIFA I have is 120and you could set up a new prem tournament. I have looked in all the menus and can't work it out. Its on xb1 btw. Thanks guys. Feel like such a dope

I'm pretty sure they cut tournament mode so you cant just play a regular season