FIFA 14 - Playing on both consoles - Xbox One and 360 - Can you do this?

I am wondering if anyone can answer a quick question regarding playing on both generations for FIFA 14. I currently play on the 360 with my mates. I am getting an Xbox One for Xmas and FIFA 14 with it. I want to be able to play the new version and the old with the same FUT and Pro Club data. As its stored on the EA servers has anyone managed to test if this can be done? My mates aren't getting next ten straight away so I don't want to port all my data into the new version if I can't still play the old one with them.

If anyone has tried this or can answer then I would be grateful. I haven't been able to dig anything up online. 

Thanks in advance! 



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I'm going to say no. You can't even continue a season on FUT if you swap consoles you have to restart the season you were playing. Helps in a way because if your about to get relegated you can reset your season on the opposite console :P

Ok, well I don't mind that so much as its more the competitive head to heads I want to be able to play. I want to be able to take my FUT team between consoles so if I buy someone new while on my One I can then use them against my friends on the 360. Can anyone confirm that this will work?

It takes a straight copy of UT that can be changed back and forth, but I am not sure on the seasons aspect. Your pro club data will be copied or so your VP and thats it. They become two seperate pros after that point.

Like UT has said your team on FUT will transfer between both consoles so any changes you make on your XB1 will be waiting for you on your 360.