FIFA 14 Leagues - Xbox One & Xbox 360 Available

AbsoluteGaming is currently look to recruit new members for our Xbox One & Xbox 360 FIFA league set up. We offer our members a comprehensive set up for FIFA 14 with a variety of leagues to keep all our members happy. If its instant games your looking for then look no further than our automated ladder system. AbsoluteGaming is a well-established and ever growing community. We pride ourselves in our fair play ethos which runs through the veins of all our members.

We are currently nearing the end of our 21st season of FIFA leagues and will be starting our new season in the new year. We will offer a members Career leagues, Fantasy leagues as well as the popular Pro Clubs League setup. To run along side the league we also have a automated King of the Hill feature.

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This is a fantastic site to be involved with, with a great friendly community.  If you are looking for somewhere to play fun and competitive FIFA without the usual people quitting out of the games this is the place to be, can't recommend it enough.

Also offers gaming events on other games such as Forza, COD, Battlefield - whatever the community fancies really!

Easily one of the best communities out there, full of fun and lively members all taking part in a whole bunch of games on the 360 and the Xbox one! If you need a gaming community, come join in the fun on AG

If you want to enjoy your games of FIFA by playing against people that play fair - is the place for you, if you also like the idea of competing in leagues against like level players - is the place for you, if you want to get involved in a FIFA community with cracking guys who go out of their way to help you out - is the place for you.

I can't speak any higher than what I have just said, no other site on XBOX comes close to AG.

Give it a go - it won't disappoint you. is an excellent site for those that want good competitive FIFA games, in a friendly, fair and sporting atmosphere.  Its a good mix of ability levels to suit all players who want to play in well run tournaments and have some fun with plenty of banter along the way.  As well as FIFA competitions theres also other stuff going on, including COD and BF4 nights, plus a good set up for Forza 5.

Fantastic site and fantastic members

Come join the fun!

Absolutely smashing site!! Plenty to do even if your not into Fifa aswell.

Awesome site! Join the forums and check them out!

Great friendly site,Great banter and also loads of events to take part in.

Want to join a friendly league? Then join

Look forward to seeing you there is a brilliant site, with a great community of lads playing every week! Whether you're up for Fifa leagues and tournaments, getting the cars revving in Forza, or other games, it caters to everyones tastes. Sign up now!!

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