FIFA 14 - Can My Pro Be On More Than 1 Team?

As per the thread title.

I created a pro for the first time ever and joined a Team with some mates.

Can my Pro only be on a single Team at any given time?

Can you have more than 1 pro at any given time?


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You can only have 1 pro and he can only be in one team at a time, if you have mates on that are in a different team you can come and go between clubs but you will lose all your stats if you move to a different club.

Sorry I should also have said if you haven't already you should buy some stuff from the catalogue to get your pro levelled up quicker

You could have just tried joining another team... Not very hard.

That's what these forums are here for :) helpful solutions, advice and good discussions.

I'm surprised with the amount of questions I have asked, that no one has linked me a "let me google that for you" link lol