FIFA 12 :(

Thinking of not purchasing FIFA 12 this year, because the demo was terrible its the new defence system which im finding hard to like this year, I don't like change.

anyone else not liking the new defence system?


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no its the same as the demo, i also find that when you jockey a player they run back towards their own goal, my best bet for defending so far has been to contain then when your close enough try and get a tackle in, if the player beats you keep tapping x to try and p[ull them back/barge them.

When the strikers have the ball in your box i find it best to get the ai to contain (rb) and then use your player to try and win the ball although im playin with Bristol Rovers in league 2 an the ai gives the ball away stupidly most of the time when they get near my goal.

As i have said it does take some getting used to but i guess everyone is in the same boat.

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I am looking forward to trying it out. I hated it when people could zone in on you with two people. This has more skill involved


It can still be done, it just requires you to press more buttons.

I still don't really know what to think about it if i'm honest, It feels a bit different to the demo and I do like a challenge, it's just taking time to get used to it. I actually thought the PES2012 was more 'fun' and improved but I know I'll end up getting both anyway, just got FIFA to begin with :)

Loving it at the moment. Haven't played much though, never played FUT on Fifa 10 or 11 so thought i'd give it a go on this, reallllly like it...shame i had to go out for food lol.

Its crap that you have to use it in ranked matches. Will ruin the ionline side of the game for me. I can understand if your a defender playing clubs but trying to control more than one defender with tactcal defending requires too many button presses.

I agree, from the demo I think the new style of defending will change the game and make it more realistic with players having to really time their defending.

fair enough but why cant people complain, it might be alright for the veteran fifa players but for new people its quite difficult

I prefer this fifa over the last one...i now have input into defending!!

The new defence isn't so bad but you can if you wanted to switch it back to the original "legacy" defending for when yo play against the computer or against friends your only forced to use the new "tactical" defending when playing ranked matches including virtual pro games where every one is currently struggling

Not really just play it on casual until you are used to it, and if you are having trouble playing on casual i suggest you don't play the game at all.

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