Fifa 12 - What changes would you like to see made?

I'd like to see a game where it is all about skill, not luck. Fifa 09, Fifa 10 were both games where if you were good enough and deserved a win, more often than not you'd win. Fifa 11 is the first Fifa imo where being better than the opposition is not enough, you need a good few slices of luck to fall your way. I get the feeling winning in Fifa 11 is out of my hands, anyone else have that feeling? Not a rant people, just an observation. What changes would you like to see?


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i totally agree with wt u said. its like im ALL over my opponent n then they will score a crappy header cuz they are to over powerd n sumtyms there is nothing u can do about it. hopefully the heading will b sorted.

Oh har har your so funny!!! what a clever joke

I would like to see quitters, punished more and less idiots. Seems to be year after year its get worse the type of people who play the game

Ban people for quitting but not for years for hours. Plus make the players spintting right cos people like rooney and Wilcot are so over rated. Its like messi or ashley cole cant keep up with them cos there so under rated like torres and anelka.

Impose a 12 month ban on those who quit online, please thank you sir

More Online Match Rooms for pro clubs fifa 10 had 3 match rooms where 10 players could play in each so if you had a big team like mine 27 squad members we could all get a game. Where as fifa 11 had one match room for 11 players but there were 55 bench slots what is the point caused many arguments about people not being able to play and caused our fifa 10 top 50 rated club to disband and split up

Deleting liverpool from FIFA would be awesome

  • I would like to see a version of FIFA where the online gets a major overhaul based on player feedback.
  • They really need to develop a similar "I quit punishment" such as Halo Reach where if you do it multiple times you get banned from playing online so they cant keep ruining other peoples games and the serious of offenders should have their online pass voided.
  • They need to review the features like "be a pro" so you can manipulate it to have supermen style midget players with affros that make the feature just redundant to try and play legit.
  • They need to sort out the balancing issues of the big name teams so you dont end up with superhuman teams so over powered like Man UTD and their unbreakable defence at times, or Chelsea with their tank level forwards that just burst through tackles and can score from anywhere and Man City where players just play with more power and skill then the team rating would suggest

no rebound goals with inter milan.

no so called , no racism intended, its just what people blurt down the mic at me, "jew goals" and crappy finese shots whihc always go in, or messi just ducking and diving through defences. i want an unpredictable shooting system like in pes, but with the physics of fifa, and graphics too