FIFA 12 - What Are You Paying For After You've Bought The Game This Year?

I stopped buying FIFA games because EA kept wanting me to pay more money for the game I already owned after I'd already bought it.


FIFA hasn't looked this good since FIFA 2009 however so I'd like to know what they want me to pay for after I've bought the game.


I heard that the "Ultimate Team" feature actually comes on your disc this time, but then I heard a guy arguing at GAME that pre-orders were advertised as being the "Ultimate Version" and when he came to collect they were insisting he had to have the "Ordinary" version.


Can someone explain what the difference between "Ultimate" and "Ordinary" is and what EA will want me to pay extra for after I already own the game?


If they've changed their dodgey business practices I might pick this up.






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Nah AZ isnt a troll.

The difference between the ultimate edition and standard edition disc is none at all.

They both come with Fifa 12 ultimate team onboard the only difference is the extra Ultimate Team packs you get (4 Gold packs per month for 6 months) with the ultimate edition. With the standard you only get 1 pack per month for 6 months

like viral said

standard you get a pack a month

special edition you get 3 a month

and ultimate you get 4 a month

ultimate team is free and comes with the disk

The game has changed from fifa 9 to 10 to 11 and to 12. People are say it hasn't haven't played the game and thus by your theory 'AZ' cannot pass judgement on the games.

UT is on the disc regardless of what version you get, the difference in editions was perfectly summed up by the above post.

P.S go after Capcom instead of least makes more sense for your 'crusade' type gimmick you have going on.

[quote user="L1nko64"]

The game has changed from fifa 9 to 10 to 11 and to 12. People are say it hasn't haven't played the game and thus by your theory 'AZ' cannot pass judgement on the games.


I am trying to decide if I want to buy it.


The '09 series was a brilliant year for all of EA's sports titles with noticeable improvements in graphics and gameplay accross the board from "Tiger" to "FIFA" but the '10 series brought nothing more than new ways to pay for a game you already owned.


So when it came to "FIFA 11" I voted with my wallet and gave it a miss.


Not an easy thing to do because I love football and EA are the flagship football title but as far as being taken advantage of, EA could get stuffed and anyone who thinks I should have thrown my money at them for extra features that should have been in the game can get stuffed with them.


EA is like a relative with a gambling habit who is trying to go straight but occasionally falls into relapse.


They publish some brilliant games and help support some new and innovative titles (Mirror's Edge, Dead Space, Alice: The Madness Returns, Dante's Inferno, Skate,  Shadows of the Damned) but then they have a relapse and jerk their Customers about by stuffing an EA shop in almost every game, offering stats for cash and withholding content from games in the hopes of getting people to keep paying for their games after they've bought them (Tiger Woods '12 anyone?  DLC courses that are required for the PGA Tour and your character gets a big fat 0 and drops in the standings if you miss them).


So if you want to stand up for EA as a publisher, good for you.  They publish some great games.


If you want to stand up for them taking advantage of Customers by releasing incomplete games and selling the complete content as DLC then I have as much sympathy for you as I do for them.


However if EA are turning a corner and releasing all the content without users being obliged to spend on extras then that's a decent thing and I might re-think my decision not to spend money with them.


From what I've seen it's a really good looking game.



It is a really good game, you don't have to buy anything after purchase, buying packs with MS points on UT is a option, and will always remain a option.

FIFA, unless you play UT is a "no hidden extras" game, same as Madden.

Thanks everyone for all the information.


Appreciate it.



There is a 'Live Season' thing where player's stats get updated according to their real life form, but that is entirely optional and doesn't really change your experience of the game.

There is an online pass for this game, but most games are adopting this method now unfortunately!

EA have the habit of ramming unwanted stuff in our faces that's one of the many reasons i despise them.

(FIFA hasn't looked this good since FIFA 2009) second that best fifa game ever, EA don't live is the real world money grabbing idiots, i hate them so much! because of this i have been put off all football game and with my premiership side loseing all the time we might be getting kickout the top division, for the frist time ever, (sad face) :(