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What is wrong with FIFA 12 Ultimate Team? it constantly wont sell certain items from packs. It says an error has occured and then you have to discard or store in the club, more recently it wont let me buy packs with coins. I have points pending which ill be using elsewhere.. dont they want you to buy packs? keep releasing team of weeks I bet your selling has gone down due this. Poor again from FIFA/EA no compensation for customers and no information to let us know there is a problem or when it will be fixed. Edging more towards PS3 and PES as we speak. Dissapointed


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use the offical fifa 12 forums your find plenty of answers on there, much more active than on here

the auction house on UT is at times glitched. ive had some of the issues you mentioned (like trying to buy packs and been told that the service is currently unavaliable) , can be annoying i kno buts its something you will have to grin and bare . but to be honest buying and selling has gone quiet of late , maybe because its coming to the end of season.

It's because the Team of the Seasons are about to be released at the end of the season, and people are saving coins for packs or the special players that will be released. That's why it has gone real quiet on the trading front.

Did they stop with microsoft points?