Fifa 12 Ultimate Edition - what makes it ultimate?

So gamestop email me saying preorder fifa 12 ultimate edition and recieve 24 gold packs, if they are the pre order bonus, what makes fifa 12 ultimate? as i thought it was the packs but obviously isnt


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Didn't you post this before?

Anyway I think you get more Gold packs when buying the Ultimate Edition. You do get some Gold packs when preordering, but you get far less.

Does It Include Live Season, Thats what i want to know. thanks

as before it was announced it said it included live season, which would be very good, but it doesnt say on any of the websites


It says in all the articles iv read that it does include live season but iv seen a few that contradict that so dunno for sure.

Is it this ultmate....

Most games try to appeal to the public by putting the words limited on epic or ultimate in this case. The fact is there is very little different probably a more colourful box and a few gold packs but that is all for what an extra fiver? :/