Fifa 12 "Online Pass" ?

Is this online pass needed to play online fullstop or is it something to do with the ultimate team? Just need some advice as ive seen a pre-owned copy for quite cheap!



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Nothing to do with UT , you need it to play online

Any way i can get hold of a pass if i were to purchase a pre-owned copy or is it best to buy it new ?

In the instance of Fifa, I think it should be called 'Online? Pass!'... Unless you actually wanted to waste MSP to play a community full of quitters.

Well if you can get the pass then if your getting it pre-owned for cheap it seems a no-brainer !

I think he is asking how to get a pass, I'm sure you can purchase it through the game mate

Yeah sorry read it wrong I think its 800pts but I could be wrong

800 MSP, if it is more get in on ebay for like 6.95

All EA game (new ones) require an Online Pass to play Online Multiplayer and Co-op variants of the game. They cost £10 off of the market place or they come free in a new copy of the game. The reason EA use them is to dissolve the pre-owned sales of their games and force people to buy new, so that they make more money. If the copy is under £25 it should be on average cheaper than the RRP £45 new copies.