FIFA 12 Help?!

Just asking why when I buy a fitness card on Ultimate team, it wont apply to my consumables and it only lets me store in club? 

Im struggling because my team are very low on fitness!


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Is your consumables full? You can only store 50 in there, i think it is. 

What the above said ^^ though when you buy them you can apply them to the player from the go

No I only have 13 items in my consumables

Thats strange, as also mentioned, you should be able to apply them straight to the player anyway, rather than storing them. 

Well I bought them and then it says Store in club and doesnt say Apply to consumables! Im confused why it is like this? Could it be a glitch?

I suppose it could be a glitch. Ive certainly never seen it do that before. Just store them in your club and then go locate them, you should still be able to apply them to your players from their. 

No it will not let me, I'm even trying on the web app! I cant find any info, could you try find some for me? I really can't find any