FIFA 12 freezing on squads - cheating

It does my head in,... 1 in say 5 gamers have to freeze the game,... the problem is


i Make them wait......

does this do your head in obv i know i cant name and shame but i am sitting here waiting....

my connection is open,.. just people love cheating and appear "offline"

anyone else find this annoying?


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and i still wait,..

i dont understand why people have to win???

haha i hope he is enjoying himself :) i am lol

Wait, what the heck is this?  I've not experienced this myself, and this is the first I've heard of it.

really Morph?

i get it quite alot,.... on ultimate team when the squad loads up it just freezes... i youtubed it an it seems quite common,

i hope i dont jinx you and u start getting people who do this its quite sad,...

if i back out i think he gets the win,..... i have quit before and i have had to start the tournoment over again

its sad ,....

my nat is open and all that

Honestly, I've never had this problem and it's news to me.  I'm going to youtube it as well.


EDIT: delete custom tactics by going into team management from the home screen and the delete custom tactics =)


Does that work for you?  Some people were praising it on youtube as a fix for the freezing.

Yeah Morph there is loads there its sad the way people have to cheat


thats exactly whats happeneing right now :-@

How do people make that happen?  So it is people making it occur when you start, or is it some glitch caused by something in the game?

i have no idea!!   i dont have custom tactics,....

ive bene waiting for an hour he is haveing a long wait wouldnt mind he has a boss prem squad

ive experienced it in an online match ... i scored once to go 1-0 up ... almost immediately i was through on goal for the 2nd and the screen froze ... after say 2 minutes it fixed itself and he was 5-1 up

This has been a common problem in FIFA for years its nothing to do with cheating its just the game. It happens between me and friends too. Its just a matter of who will sit longer for the win. Got to say aint seen it so much on FIFA12 but every other FIFA was riddled with it and so is the new FIFA street. Its caused by a game seperation where your both actually in diffrent games and have diffrent scores till it locks completely. People will usually hold out as noone likes getting a loss for nothing

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