FIFA 11 Gamerpic Help,

how do you get a face in the bottom of the screen next to your gamertag,   i dont want to use face creater from, that is for using your own face on a created ingame player,  i just want a face instead of that black shadow,,,

does anyone know   thanx


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Personally i wouldnt do it. I did it on fifa 08 and havnt been able to get rid of it on any EA Sports game since

Create it on the EA website. You will need to join it (if not already) and will need 3 pics 1front/side/side.

Upload the pics to the ea site then you do it through youre xbox. After some tweaking it takes about 7-10 mins for it to work its magic. Worth doing :)

Also once its on the ea site you can use it for all their games (i did for tiger12)


Edit: sorry if you dont want to use youre face upload a picture of someone else!!!