Female needs help with a new gamertag.

i would like to change my name but i have no ideal of what yet lol. i'm in a clan so i have to keep the gsb in my gamertag..i kinda want something that says that i'm a girl but nothing to girly girly.if you get what i mean.but the only reason i want to change it is cause i had a boyfriend and we had matching names..and we broke up..he changed his already..so i want to change mine..


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beep bop :D

Erm,  I see. Well I suck at picking Names unfortunately... Sorry to hear you broke up with your man. I see your an FPS gamer though so... Ehh... Naw, I really can't. Try thinking of things you like to come up with something!

Just pick something that is you.

That's one of the reasons I've never liked clans. I don't want somebody telling me what letters or words I have to include into my gamertag. It just seems dumb to me. You could always use a gamertag generator... Click Here.

Think of some of the legendary female gaming characters created and role with a variation of that. The Finsl Fantasy series has some really good ones.

Aphrodite is the goddess of lust, beauty or i think athena is pretty cool