Fellow Gamers, A Plea for Help!

Hello Everyone! This is my first legitimate post, so forgive me if I make a few mistakes here and there. I need some advice and help.

While playing Gears of War 3 today on xbox live with my younger brother (I'm 18 and he's 15) I ran into a problem. A guy kept getting upset at me for some reason, freaking out like it was the end of the world he didn't get the sniper. He invited me to an xbox live party after the game, and I assumed I joined hoping he would apologize (why I would assume that would happen I do not know).

He said "By joining my party I am able to latch onto your IP address and find out where you live." I replied "That's BS.. you could also just look at my profile information." I then left the party.

About 30 minutes later my brother received a message from the guy. It contained our IP address, address, and ISP. all of them were correct. It also had how many "bots it would take to get our gamertags banned."

Though I am an avid gamer, I mostly stick to consoles. With that in mind I do not know much about script writing/computer hacking. I'm not sure how he was able to do this, so I called xbox customer support to see what I could do about it. The lady I spoke to was nice, but basically told me there was nothing she could do from her end (understandable, but not comforting). She said the best thing I could do was to post on forums about what happened and hope other people would file complaints against his Gamertag, allowing enough to happen so that his account is flagged by xbox and then banned.

I do not know if this is the right place to post this, or even if i'm allowed to, but I come to my fellow gamers first. I would post a picture with the message he sent me, but it contains personal and sensitive material, and i have no way of censoring it out.

If you have an Xbox account and can spare a minute when you're next sitting in a lobby waiting for a match, please help me by reporting the GT: [Mod Removed]. It would help me feel safer knowing I can play xbox live without having to worry about getting hacked into by a butthurt dweller.

TL;DR A butthurt computer hacker got mad at me in Gears of War 3 and somehow hacked into my IP address and found out where I live. Xbox says the only thing i can do is to hope anyone who has an xbox live account will file complaints against the Gamertag: [Mod Removed]
Please help me!


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Asking others to report a gamertag based on your experience is not the way to go about this.

report the person yourself via your console and let xblpet deal with it.

this person can not hack your account without your log in details or get you banned by microsoft if you have done nothing wrong.

any attack on your ip address is actually illegal and you should contact your isp provider and let them look into it for you.

Yes, pleae contact your ISP and speak to them about that.

I would make sure that your wlid password and email address info is updated as well. Keeping a strong password and a email attached to the acct that you do not give out to other people, and that's not your name are always a good idea.