Feeling very misunderstood

Last time I checked, I said that I wasnt sure if I were to add names on my now deleted forum, as in I DID NOT KNOW. I also said I was sry, this was my only 2nd forum before the 3rd one. Nobody said names were not allowed when I wrote my 1st forum. This is a retorical question, but first I want to make this clear, THIS FORUM IS NOT FOR THE SOLE PURPOSE OF COPPING UP AN ATTITUDE WITH THE HARD WORKING STAFF OF XBOX AND MICROSOFT FOR DELETING MY FORUM, THATS NOT MY STYLE FOR I HANDLE MY BUSINESS PROFESSIONALLY, NOT CARELESSLY, IT ALSO HELPED ME UNDERSTAND BETTER SINCE I HARDLY DO FORUMS AT ALL. I STILL AND WILL ALWAYS APPRECIATE YOUR HELP AND SERVICES. Again, this is a retorical question. When was it ever against the rules to stand up for friends who are too scared or intimidated to stand for themselves? That is all. Good day to you all. Sorry for any inconvenience on my part.

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It's not against the rules to stand up for a friend. Just depends on how it is done that's all. If you have any questions about the Xbox.com Forums or the rules please check here. There is plenty of great information in there.

To DJ Banzai I say... Gary Busey?  Is that you?  :)

This forum has moderators that are handling things professional IMO.

They deleted cause naming other people names or gamertags is not allow.

Why is that professional? Well they knew you did not do that to course trouble.

That´s why there where no other consequences then a deleted thread.

Next time PM some of the moderators or the people who are here since a long time and ask.

They can tell you if something you wanna post is ok or not.

The forum rules should explain you everything, if not ask one of them, I am sure they will help you :)

I think everyone here had to deal with rude, uncontrolled gamers on Xbox LIVE.

We all understand why you wanted to get your voice  it out there.

All you can do is report them on your console and wait.

It takes time.

I'm not entirely sure which thread you are referring to, but I would expect that many people here who are telling you not to call out people on the forums are doing so in order for you not to do it in the future.  I don't think they were trying to punish you or berate you.

Going by what you have written here, your other thread seemed to be about you making a complaint on behave of your friends because someone was harassing them (you can correct me if I'm wrong).  I would expect that thread was deleted because making complaints about other people will serve no purpose to you.  No action will ever be taken against the people you are complaining about.  

The ONLY way to make a complaint against another user is on Xbox Live, is through your Xbox console, not the forums.   

There are proper responses for everything.  Trust me if you try to do the right thing in the wrong way, nobody cares that your trying to do right.  Everybody is trying to do right.  Your own emotions will deceive you every time.

One more thing, when you read the forum rules which are updated since this month…

You would see that you should not create threads in order to question why your other thread got deleted.

You should not question a moderators action by creating a thread or post.

What you can do is PM the moderator.

Under every post you see a lil icon.

One is for reporting a post, the second one is to message that person.

You see fyerball 72 here?

You can message him.

Every moderator has a M or V as Level.

For the next time you know what to do ;)