Feeling Ripped Off

I know it's not cheap getting a new console, however this has become ridiculous.  I don't feel MS cares about the customers they have spent years getting.  My biggest issue, may not seem like much; however with the amount I paid already, it is something simple that MS has no excuse to not bundle with the console.  That is the Stereo adapter.  Many have bought headsets such as Turtle Beachs and Trittons, ect...  all of which use the 2.5mm jack on the 360 controller.  If MS felt the need to change the plug, and knowing most people buying the One already has the 360, they should have included the adapter at no extra cost.  This is a poor move and really has me feeling ***.  Like I said, it may not be much, but it is enough.  This is one of several reasons the One is not leading this generation.  I do hope they get their act together, as I know this is the single reason a number of my friends went with the PS4.  MS should give them with the console.  


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I love the adapter with the controls right there at my fingertips.

If I want to use the same headphones and setup(3.5mm right into the controller) on my PS4, I need to go into a totally different menu just to change the volume, or change my setup completely and have cables plugging into two separate devices for an inline amp to work.

I like it, but it should have been added like you said.

Apple did the same thing with I Phone 5 if i remember rightly, so if you had a dock it wouldn't work.  Then sold a adapter at a stupid inflated cost.  Obviously done to rake in even more cash for MS!

Yeah these adapters are pretty annoying and should just be in the box with the X1. But yeah MS are hardly the only company to do this but doesn't make it any better.

I could see if the headset were required to use the console but there not, a headset is a option. The adapter should come with the headset.

Well it sounds like official brands like the new Turtle Beach Atlas do in fact come with the adaptor, so that's good news.

yes the newer turtle beaches and polks came with the adapter HOWEVER i agree this is a shiesty move by MS...im still trying to grasp why they didnt just put the 3.5mm plug into the controller?  Current audio cut outs from the adapter just shows that it wasnt needed and is just another gimmick to over charge for another proprietary device.

I just wish the adapter worked correctly with my sons x12.

@JW........................  exactly.....    I use my home surround system for gaming.....  maybe MS should pay up for that to....  (rolling eyes,  full of sarcasm)

I would have felt "ripped off" had I paid £100.00 for a headset.

I know that feeling, when it comes to Xbox, Over-priced Console, half a game for full price, paying for online.