Feel cheated by the promise of "no expiry" when purchasing "Microsoft Points".

When I purchase the MSP few years ago, I was under the impression that MSP NEVER EXPIRES. To a consumer, "no expiry" means it will not turn worthless due to whatever reasons.

However, recently MS announce that MSP will retire (in other words, going to turn worthless). That is fine, if the company could offer reimburse of the balance to cash or convert it into something "in kind" and of equal value so that consumer will not be shortchanged.

They offer to convert it into "local currency" which seems fair. But alas! the converted currency comes with expiry (1/Jun/2015).

Now, that is NOT something of equivalent value from consumer POV. I paid for "currency" that is supposed to have no expiry, but yet, it will be turn into either a)worthless, or, b)something that will expire.

Is this fair to consumer who bought the MSP under the impression that it NEVER expires?

The concern is very simple. I have no digital content that I would like to purchase at the moment. Why am I force to spend the currency that is supposed to have no expire (when I paid for it)?

The main issue with the expiry is this. If I were to know that the "currency" will expire, I would NOT have bought excess if I do not intend to spend it all immediately. No one likes to keep excess of "currency" that will expire.

The condition of "no expiry" influenced my decision to purchase. And now I feel cheated if I am forced to spend it within a "limited" period regardless of how long that is. And I do not feel that '1 year" is long enough.

If you cannot reimburse the balance as cash, then you should convert it into "normal local currency" that will NOT expire!

I do not feel that it is fair for the company to convert "currency with no expiry" into "currency with expiry".


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They announced that any converted points would expire on June 1st 2015 2 years ago,hardly a "recent announcement".

As per the terms you agreed to Microsoft have the right to change a policy when they want.

I do see your point but you have had plenty of warning about this.

Yes, the points cards you buy does say. 'NO EXPERATION OR FEES' - Which evidently now must mean that if you buy said card. Then it will never expire. However, once you scratch the film and enter that cards code online. The value of it can, and will expire.

So if you have cash on your account. USE it B4 it goes bye, bye. Problem solved!

Having plenty of warning do not justify changing the terms at its wimp and fancy. Even if they are legally covered doesn't make it morally right.

And, why can't they just convert it into the "normal local currency" instead of something that will expire.

I am aware that likely nothing useful will come out of this. I would never trust the so called "no expiry" promise" again.

Who knows, maybe the present "local currency" purchased separately could expire also. As and when they decide to "retire" it maybe. Like what happened to MSP.

"Microsoft have the right to change a policy when they want" means, the mention of "no expiry" is nothing but effectively an empty promise? Alright then.

I personally don't think any credit should ever expire.  

As far as i know the new credit doesn`t expire at all.

The only thing that is expiring is the microsoft points you had in your account 2 years ago that got converted.

The warning was given at the time, that in two years they will expire.

Unless you had a substantial amount of money in the account, or simply have bought nothing for two years, how do you have anything left??

And yes microsoft can change their policy any time they want, they could have just given us 30 days if they wanted.

Yeah I don't think the currency system that's in place now expires once added to the account, it's just the old MS points as others have stated.

Though, I never add currency unless I use it straight away, I've never trusted leaving money on any account, like I don't leave funds in paypal etc.

Promotional balances have expiration dates. Like rewards money and Bing $5 cards, but the the balance from buying gift cards doesn't. I don't see why the old MS points would expire either, unless you never converted them.

If you don't convert, the MSP would turn worthless once the program retires. Which means, the "promise" of "no expiry" that was attached to the sale of MSP was "not honored".

It sucks but it is in the terms of use. If you can't find anything on Xbox you can use your cash for other Microsoft services if you have a windows PC or a windows phone.

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