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I had an issue around Rock Band 4 and DLC downloads.  Attempting to access chat support via Chrome would not get past step 2, selecting the support type.

Move over to IE and four out of six attempts I would get the floating page saying something akin to session cookie does not match chat cookie.  On one of them I got the floating window to populate content but it failed to initialize the chat system.  On the other one that loaded the chat window it went all white while I was typing to the agent.

Very, very frustrated at this point I decided to use the call back support option.  That call cut off while giving my email address.  I am now so frustrated by the lack of any support being able to be achieved and the wasted time I am giving up for the day.

The level of support received is sitting at the same level as I have received from Madcatz for their messup and Harmonix for theirs.  That level happens to be the gutter.

Thanks for the poor experience.


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