February Gamerscore challenge

Title: February Gamerscore Challenge


Winner's Reward: Bragging rights and a personal congratulations message from me!


Duration: 21 days
Code: TEDQR8G5


Send this URL to friends so they can join:


After a successful start to the new Era of Gamerscore challenges Wonderfulwest emerged victorious with an impressive 7600 Gamerscore gain in just 21 days! Think you can do better? - Everyone is welcome to join and it is all strictly just for fun. If you have any old games you have been meaning to go back to or just want to see how you rank against other members of the community gamerscore earned per month, why not join?


All I ask is that participants don't gain offline gamerscore and then plug their network cable once the challenge has started in order to gain a head start - Lets make this fair for everyone!


Play whatever you like and gain as much or as little gamerscore as you like too!


Winner only earns bragging rights - but lets try make this the most successful challenge yet!


This challenge will start on the 4th February 2012 and will run for three weeks - So a week to sign up and to recruit your friends too.


Good luck to all that enter, and have fun!!


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You're going to have to have about ten un-played games to win that.

You don't fancy the challenge then? I know you were watching the last one! 4 Sign ups already and more to come, If you saw last months and thought you could compete join today :)

Am I allowed to use the appear offline function?

Yeah mate of course, even if you appear offline the points will still show up on the challenge scoreboard! You should join again mate, I know you are a former Gamerscore Challenge winner in 2011!

Cool, only reason I asked was because someone didn't like me doing it in Novembers challenge even though all my points are gained online.

Seems like there wasn't much arguing in this months one so I'll join and see if I can get to 80k. 

Not a bad way to track how much gs you accrue in 3 weeks. One question though, why exactly does it have to commence on a Saturday when new releases, i.e. SCV, are released on the 3rd? Its been about 12 months since I last entered....I may have another try. Mid table makes me happy. :-)

Signed up again and I'm looking to defend my Title with back to back wins.  Hopefully we get more people sign up for this month

i made around 8000g this month ,i would have won.

Well after a successful January Gamerscore challenge we are lucky enough to have the thread stickied so no need for me to bump this today (Thanks to grey) -


Welcome back West!! The January gamerscore champion has rejoined and is looking to get back to back wins - Think you can stop him? Join today!


Also would like to welcome Inapplicable back and Ma71lda, Inapplicable was a former winner back in 2011 and is certainly a force to be reckoned with when it comes to gaining gamerscore!!


I'm quite open to bringing the start date back to the 3rd but my only option for challenge length was 21 days or 30 days - So by starting it on the 3rd it should finish around the 24th allowing a 5 day sign up for the March Challenge!


I take your point though and if enough people want it that way then i shall do it! At the current time there are just 6 Days left to sign up with an impressive ten sign ups already - Join today!

I'm easy Im gonna win anyway so I don't mind when it starts lol still got my secret weapon

* Please try a lower page number.

* Please enter only numbers.

* Please try a lower page number.

* Please enter only numbers.