Fear3 anyone...?

As a sucker for new games and after enjoying the first two, I'm bound to end up buying this later today.


Anyone played it yet and care to offer their opinions so far ?


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Haven't seen this on hardly anyone's cards - which usually isn't a good sign.

There are a few opinions on the general forum here

It's good.

I've done the first five 'intervals' on the campaign and it's a solid shooter. Short on scares but good fun anyway.

The MP is very good: 'Contraction' is basically CoD Zombies.

'*** Run' is rush to get to the next checkpoint whilst keeping ahead of a creeping wall of fog... enemy AI do thier best to slow you down and just 1 player dying stops the game...reviving is a must. Great mode.

'Soul Surviver ' starts with one 'infected' player who then tries to infect the other players who have their hands full with the enemy AI.

'Soul King' has the players killing for 'Souls' which are dropped when a kill is made. You collect the souls and the one with the most is the Soul King who is visible to all players. When killed you lose half of your souls so this game can change a lot right up to the last sesonds. Good stuff.

Just done the first level and enjoying it, if anyone fancies some co-op etc chuck us a FR

Fantastic game, but can't connect to other online players?

All that aside what a fun game

Looking for people who have this game so contact if you want a game !

Its a good game but the campaign is VERY short. Also one of (if not the) best co-op games this year in my opinion.