F.E.A.R. 3 - alternate ending

I've almost completed this game using Pointman as the main protagonist. After the game finishes I have heard that you can do the campaign again, but this time through the perspective of Fettel, in which will bring a alternate ending to the experience.

So, are there any achievements for doing the Fettel campaign mode? I'm assuming there's an achievement for completing the alternate ending, even though I couldn't recall seeing one in its list. But maybe it's one of the secret achievements?

Can you guys please let me know.



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No alternate ending cheevo and the secret cheevos are story related, high scores on all intervals and a rocky reference which has you beating meat

If you want the cheevo for all challenges completed at least once you'll have to play as fettel and do some coop

What was the ending you got? I got a bad ending I think. Game was truly awful and story didn't grab my attention much.

Have done both endings and the Fettel one is quality!