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Hey a friend of mine is starting this page www.facebook.com/xbrone. FOR 21+YR OLD GAMERS.
Idea is to create a community where people are free to do as they wish, Game nights,make friends, blogs vlogs you name it this is going to be a mature friendly and creative place for people to meet. The page has just started so join up and start creating posts! the page is yours to do with as you wish. lets start a something new with xbrone where clans can be forged and friends made and content shared in a friendly atmosphere. Lets go people, start creating posts on Xbrone right away! 


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Why 21+ older?

The group and some of the already established member are in 20's/30's, so looking for people of a similar age.

Maybe.... >_>  lol

Redundant.  People meet right here.  

Although it sounds pretty cool, there's a clan discussion forum that's more appropriate for this.

I think the topic is in this forum and not clan discussion because this forum targets the people they would want in the group, hence the Xbox One topic people.

Well I'm nineteen. I play with 22-30+ mostly, care if I check it out?

GG is right. This type of post belongs in clan discussion.