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Xbox Live, what the heck are you thinking putting up a trailer for a horror movie on the Dashboard????  My son is now terrified after asking me what that was on the dashboard! Trailers of horror movies should not be put on the dashboard and I shouldn't have to change any of my family settings on the xbox in order for there not to be. Thanks for scaring the *** out of my 6 year old!  I am going to buy a Playstation 4 instead now because of this, good job you just lost another customer!


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I am not a big fan of Xbox or Microsoft myself, and will definitely be getting the PS4 over the Xbox One...


How is it Microsofts fault that you didn't change the family settings?

Family settings are there for a reason.

Which game were you about to play with your 6 year old,black ops or battlefield????

So thousands of people should not be able to see a trailer for a horror film just because you couldn't be bothered to turn on the family settings on your console? No one to blame here but yourself.

Xbox Live is intended for people of 18 years of age or older.  So i would rather NOT MS change the whole sservice, just because the OP cannot be bothered with being a responsible parent.

LOL. Parenting FAIL and then blame MSFT.

Ok well my kid likes playing NHL Arcade online and he can't do it on his profile cause its not a xbox live account and I am not paying for another account, its robbery! lol. So he has to be on my account to play that and some other games online. I am just saying that if people want to watch trailers for horror, they should have to click on them and not have them playing on the dashboard.  Its like some of the kids TV channels for kids even, my kid was sick woke up at around 10pm, my wife turned on the tv which was still on the kids channel and there was a inappropriate rated R movie on the kids channel.  Rated R movies should never be on a kids channel and horror previews should not be on the dashboard in my opinion.  Just sayin!  

Now the real question is....are you going to sue Microsoft ? We have some great lawyers here in New York.

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 I am not paying for another account, its robbery!


horror previews should not be on the dashboard in my opinion.  Just sayin!  


As little as 35 dollars a year is hardly robbery.


Also, those previews would NOT appear on a child's Xbox live account. If you dont want to pony up the money, then you can STILL explore the parental settings on your own account...And as for the kids channel, you might want to see exactly what channel it is. Cartoon network really isnt for Kids these days, neither is Disney channel (since they churn out nothing but crap)

[quote user="J0KERMAN92"]So he has to be on my account to play that and some other games online.[/quote]

That's fine.  No problem there.  The question that is being asked by others on this thread is, if you're so (rightfully) concerned about what your child sees while using YOUR account, why haven't you changed the content setting on YOUR account?