FAQ: Xbox Live Marketplace on the Web

What are the computer and Xbox console requirements for purchasing from the web?
  • A computer with internet access and a web browser (cookies and JavaScript need to be enabled).
  • An Xbox 360 console with internet access.
  • A storage device for your Xbox 360 console. For example, a 512MB memory unit or 20GB hard drive.
  • An Xbox Live Silver or Gold account. If you don't have an Xbox Live account, you can sign up for a free account here.

Please note: The account holder must be 18 years old or older to purchase from the web.

Games on Demand How can I access the game manuals for these titles?

The game manuals for Games on Demand titles can be viewed, downloaded and printed from Web Marketplace on Xbox.com. Simply locate the Games on Demand title in Web Marketplace, and select Download Game Manual on the product page.

Avatar Marketplace How do I purchase items for my avatar?

Browse Avatar Marketplace on Xbox.com for items that express yourself and your sense of style. When you find an item you like, select the Buy button to purchase it. The avatar item will be added to the Avatar Editor and your Download Queue. You can choose to wear the item on Xbox.com. Or, download the avatar item to your console. Simply power your console on and sign in using the same Xbox Live account you used to purchase the item.

How do I put an avatar item on my avatar after I have purchased it?

After you have purchased an avatar item, you will be asked if you would like to wear the item. If you select “Yes” the item will magically appear on your avatar. If you want to wear the item later, you can either go to the Avatar Editor on Xbox.com. Or, download the avatar item to your console where you can find and wear the item by selecting your profile in the My Xbox channel, then selecting Customize Avatar, and then Change My Style in the Avatar Editor.

Can I purchase a woman's item if I have a male avatar? And vice versa?

Some avatar items are made for only one body type. For example, a men's shirt will only fit a male avatar body. During purchase, Web Marketplace will verify that the avatar item will fit your avatar body type.

Download Queue What is the Download Queue?

The Download Queue is a web-based view of items that will be downloaded to your Xbox 360 console. It is similar to the Active Downloads feature on your console dashboard. Each Xbox Live account has its own Download Queue. Items you purchase from Xbox Live Marketplace are automatically placed in your Download Queue. You can perform other actions such as viewing the status of your downloads, moving items to the top of the Download Queue, or removing items.

How do I remove items from my Download Queue?

You can remove items from your Download Queue by selecting the Remove link next to the item. A message will appear for you to confirm this action. Removing an item from your Download Queue does not remove the item from the Xbox 360 console if it is already downloaded.

What does a status of "Download Pending" mean in the Download Queue?

This means the top-most item in your Download Queue is awaiting download by your Xbox 360 console. The download will begin the next time you power your console on and sign in to Xbox Live.

What does a status of "Download in Progress" mean in the Download Queue?

This means the top-most item in your Download Queue is downloading to your Xbox 360 console. If you are on your console, you can view progress of this item by navigating to Guide Button > Marketplace > Active Downloads.

What does a status of "Not Enough Space" mean in the Download Queue?

This means the top-most item in your Download Queue is too large to download to your Xbox 360 console. To clear space or view available space on your Xbox 360 console, go to System Settings in the My Xbox area and select Memory. Follow the on screen steps to select the storage device and remove items that you no longer wish to have on your Xbox 360 console.

Downloading to Xbox 360 How do I download my purchases to Xbox 360?

Upon confirming purchase of an item in Xbox Live Marketplace on the Web, the item is added to your Download Queue. Next, power your console on and sign in using the same Xbox Live account you used to purchase the item. Items will automatically download to the console in the order specified in your Download Queue.

How long does it take to download items to my Xbox 360 console?

Download time primarily depends on the size of the item and your Internet connection speed. For some connection types, local network traffic can also affect download times.

Are downloaded items stored on my personal computer?

All items purchased from Live Marketplace on the Web are downloaded to your Xbox 360 console. Avatar items are also available on Xbox.com which means you can access them from any PC or browser-enabled mobile device.

I play games on multiple consoles. Where will my downloads go?

Content will automatically download to the first console you sign into after completing a purchase on the web. If you decide to sign into a second console and you have content in the Download Queue, the items will appear in the console’s Active Downloads feature and you have the option to download content to the second console. If you choose not to download the content to the second console, the content will remain in the Download Queue until you sign into your first console.

Content that you purchased and downloaded to the second console can be downloaded again to your first console using the Download History feature.

Please Note: Changing the download location does not change the usage restrictions on the content. Usage restrictions are applied to the first console the download is started or played on.

Can I play my purchases on my computer?

Except for avatar items, all other content purchased from Xbox Live Marketplace is designed for use only on Xbox 360 consoles.

Download History Where can I see items I have purchased?

All items you have purchased from Xbox Live Marketplace (including free items and items you purchased using your console) will appear in your Download History. Your purchases are grouped under three categories: Games, Game Demos, and Avatars.

How do I download items I previously purchased from the web?

Go to your Download History and select the Add to Queue button next to the item you want to download again. You can also locate items you own in Xbox Live Marketplace and click the Download to Xbox 360 button to add the item to your Download Queue.

How do I return an item purchased from Xbox Live Marketplace on the Web?

All items purchased or rented from Xbox Live Marketplace, using the Web or your Xbox 360 console, are non-refundable.

Gold Exclusives and Other Questions What are Gold Exclusive items?

Gold members get early access to select downloads, trailers, videos and more. If you currently have a Free Live membership, you can upgrade to Gold and enjoy this benefit.

How do I send a link to a friend?

To tell a friend about a specific item, select the “Share this” tab for the item. This will reveal a URL or web address that you can copy and paste into an e-mail or instant message.

Is the same content available for download in all countries?

Available content varies by country. Content is tailored for each specific Xbox Live Marketplace, and most content providers limit what countries their content may be distributed in. So, certain content and services can only be purchased and downloaded to consoles in specific countries. Please see the Xbox Live Marketplace catalog for your country to find out what is available for download.


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