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Just wondering if family packages are just limited to four profiles? Me my wife, brothers have one.  I went to put my cousin on because its his birthday and where it says gold family it just says gold? I wanted to put MS points on his account but i cant. What am i doing wrong?


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As far as I'm aware, the family package only allows upto four profiles.

Yep just four profiles,the person who is the lead profile can buy MS points from a section on the dashboard then divi them up amongst the four profiles,points can also be added with pre paid cards from retailers and added to whichever profile redeems them.Also the profiles don`t have to be in the same household,i`m a family gold member and i don`t even live in the same town as the other three.  

So then why do I have five profiles on my family???

And it says I can add another one ???

The "Family package" is four profiles only,whether or not you can add other peeps to your family group is something i do not know.The lead profile of the "Family package" is the person who pays for the MS points via the "Family Centre" section on the dashboard.If you can indeed add other profiles to the family group it would seem that the lead profile has no control over said profile regarding adding MS points to it............but i could be wrong.

Awwww its a shame. Is there anywhere I can get answers from people who work fir Xbox that might know???

Hey, look what I've found for you.

This should help answer your questions.


Your a star will have a look at that when I get home. Cheers =)