Family Gold where is it.

Whats happened to it I was going to buy it. Now cant find it.


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Privart I know how you feel. I have 6 accounts and theres no way im paying £40 for each one. Its a joke. I would of paid £80 for just 4 of them that we use.

it has been discontinued but i renewed the week before it discontinued so currently have my families 4 gamertags subscribed for a year

sadly if their is no replacement  my 8 and half years gold will be my last, my sons users it more than i do and thier is no way i can afford 4 gold subs now

It's no longer available. Microsoft scrapped the family accounts without notice or announcements. However with their rising interest in acquiring "Xbox Gold" domain names I would expect a replacement announcement for family accounts to coincide with the evolution of Xbox LIVE on the next-gen console...all strictly rumour, but something is brewing. For now though you are not able to have a Family Account

Its been discontinued and you cant use it anymore