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I would just like to share with everyone my experience with xbox live . com and phone support.  I went online tonight to subscribe to the family gold membership plan.  It gave instructions on how to subscribe through my console, because I could not get to a screen to purchase it online.  Then going to the console, the option of Family Gold that it showed on the instructions did not show up.  I called xbox support and was told that the subscription is "no longer available" even though they are still advertising it online.  Dustin (not allowed to give his last name for security purposes LOL) was very rude telling me that the site was for existing accounts, even though it clearly is for purchasing the subscription and also that he "could not discuss legal issues as a microsoft representative" at least eight times.

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Xbox LIVE subscription costs vary by region. For current, specific information, see the Xbox LIVE Membership page.

If you already have individual Gold memberships, the price is discounted based on how much time is remaining on your existing Gold memberships. For more information, please see Join an Xbox LIVE Gold Family Pack .

The Xbox LIVE Gold Family Pack will includes four Xbox LIVE Gold accounts. So by purchasing an Xbox LIVE Gold Family Pack, you get four memberships for less than the price of two individual Xbox LIVE Gold memberships.


I would like know how that which I copied from their website even remotely suggests that this page is for existing users.  Microsoft is putting out false advertisements.

I am going to see about taking my complaint for legal advice because I was under the impression false advertising is illegal.




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Microsoft quietly removed the family gold option and apparently will no longer offer it.

A real shame, because I have zero intention of paying $240 a year for my kid and his friends to play online games.  They can play them without xbox live for now and I'll replace all 4 of them with ps3's over the next year.  I had really bought into the xbox as a streaming media box and didn't mind laying out the $99, although I thought THAT was a little too expensive.

I had even paid for another year of family gold (not autorenew) to use when my current one expired last month, and they just disappeared it.  One day it showed as a new sub on my account to start this month, the next it was gone, but at least so was the charge for it on my account.

I suppose someone who has no understanding of their customer base thought this would be a great way to bring in more money.  Except all they'll be getting out of me this year is 30-something for one xbl account for us to share until I get rid of the xbox hardware, and zero for the rest of my life.

I had some plans to cut the cord and use media center to record shows and watch them using the xbox.  Not anymore.  I'd imagine all the people who bought xboxes for their kids for christmas expecting a $99 a year fee for online gaming and media streaming are all about to get mighty pissed when they discover that the option is no longer available.

I don't even care if they put the option back.  The way this was done (quietly and without any notification) was among the worst business moves I've seen in some time, at least by a company not known for absolute blunders.  They've shown their colors.  I'll use ps3's for gaming and roku players for media.  Sony can't secure their services for beans, but they don't charge for basic online gaming and streaming.  Roku charges nothing for using their box.

tl;dr Wrong direction microsoft.  You'll be sorry.