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Why cant I see any reports ?

I keep getting " Sorry, we were unable to retrieve the activity data. "
This happens any time of the day or night and with any browser.

It has never worked properly.

Even on the odd occasion that it has worked it has been wildly inacurate. Telling me that my boys are spending 23 hours on certain games and also myself has been listed as 23 hours playing on a game !!!!! The Xboxes are turned off when they have are finished using them, I check.

The problem is that I now need to use it to find out who played a certain game last, as we have lost the game. Knowing who played it last may give a clue to its location.

And before someone says it is something my end, it is NOT.
I have tried on several PC's in different geographical locations.

Why is it that a company this huge cannot get this up and running properly ??


Nigel (UK)


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