Family Account Ended after Promised Conversion would take place.

I was sent an e-mail by Microsoft saying that my Xbox Family Pack would be converted to four individual accounts on Aug. 26th and that we would be given three extra months of Xbox Live. Of course my Microsoft points were converted yet not my memberships.. My Family membership ended on October 1st and as I worried I would be out of luck if the conversion didn't happen I was assured by Xbox support everything would convert by October 7th and I shouldn't add any gold memberships to any of the accounts as they would forfeit the 3 months and be removed from the family. I simply had to remain as a free account until the conversions took place. Even though auto renewal was set up it never happened as I wished it would. My accounts were all turned into to "free accounts". 

August came and went, and the conversion did not happen.  I was told over the phone via Xbox support that I could not add any time onto my subscription because the family pack deal was no longer offered, I had to wait until I was converted to an individual account. No big deal, I still had over a month before my subscription ended and was convinced it would happen sometime in early September. It's now October and I am in the situation I was afraid of. 

So as I was advised I decided to wait until Oct 7th when I was assured the conversion would take place. Then today I get an e-mail stating a completely different scenario from the agent I spoke with originally, on the night my live account expired. This is the e-mail I received today. 


Service Request Number: 1218380571

 My name is Devin and I am with the Xbox Customer Care Advocacy Team. I would like to thank you for taking the time to contact us in regards to Family Pack subscription.  Rest assured that I am committed to resolving your issue quickly and efficiently.   

 After reviewing your account we show that your Family Pack subscription has been fully consumed. Going forward, Xbox will no longer offer the Family Pack, in which your auto-renewal is no longer instated. Being that your Family Pack subscription was not canceled early on our begalf,  you are not owed any subscription time.

 If you have any concerns regarding this notice, you may either reply to this message or contact Xbox Customer Support directly using the information available at, and reference the Service Request number above, and someone would be happy to assist you further.

 We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that you have experienced. We appreciate your understanding and patience while this problem was resolved.

Thanks for being a member of Xbox LIVE!


So after receiving that I immediately called Xbox support back to see how this could be possible after I was assured on Oct 1st my accounts would be converted and the 3 months be added. The original agent acted as if it was not a big issue... then sends this email contradicting the original plans completely as if this was the situation all along. After calling support multiple times at (800-469-9269) I was told the same thing as this email as there was nothing they could do even though they keep delaying the conversions, and blocked me from renewing my family membership. Somehow I knew this was going to happen the day I read the first e-mail about the conversions... Today they actually said the family account should of renewed unless I turned off auto renewal or my payment was not valid. I have my Business PayPal account hooked up to Xbox live with plenty of money to cover the $99 renewal which would of given me a year membership assuring my account made it to the conversion date which is now pushed back to sometime in November, originally August. 

Any advice on how I should handle this? I have spent hours researching and now I spent my entire lunch break on the phone with Xbox support only to be told to reply to this e-mail as my original agent is the only one could help me. I am extremely disappointed in Microsoft if this is how they handle loyal customers as I have been a member since the original Xbox, dealt with numerous red ringed consoles, and purchased over 200 games either through retail or Xbox Live Marketplace. 

Any help is greatly appreciated. 


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if ms would just care about the customers it could be 5 minutes and your happy....

I am sorry to say but nobody can help you on these forums but it sounds to me they are playing you around, the next time they do it ask to talk to a supervisor or the manager and explain everything you have said here clearly. If nothing comes of it get onto consumer affairs or your countries authority/department, consumers rights watchdog and file a complaint. You have rights as a consumer and if you believe you are being treated unfairly argue your case to them. They will then they will get onto Microsoft on your behalf and hopefully solve your problem. Good luck and I hope they give you what was promised.

Mine ran out the other day,never got the 3 months added on even though my family account had been converted to 4 singles.rang support and they said there is a problem and it should have been added automatically and the problem was being elevated to technical support and will be sorted out by wednesday next week.Strange thing is,it says i have a sliver account but i have been able to play online since thursday,well before Gold was unlocked for the this weekend.And just to confirm,i dont remember seeing anything in the small print about leaving auto re-new on to receive the extra 3 months,so if a Support tell you that then they are lying!