False Games?

Often while playing Killer Instinct, I'll be waiting a long time for the multiplayer matchmaking to find an exhibition match for me, so to keep from getting bored I like to surf the web using the Internet Explorer app while I wait for the inevitable notification to pop up & and put me into a match - & therein lies my issue: when the notification pops up & I accept it, there's no game to be found! The game is still in the process of searching...

Does this also happen to you in KI or in any other games? If so, why do you think it sometimes gives false games? 


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Bad matching up I expect, but seriously, I would not be playing a game that I had to search the web to pass time while waiting for a game, no matter how much I like it.

This has happened a few times on the 360. Never on X1 tho. I attribute it to lag or bit rate etc... I used to host a ton of games and kicked people out of the que( my game my prerogative and all), or ended the match. Got tons of messages saying where is my match. They joined but were kicked backed to dash without notification. Maybe not ur issue but seems similar. Don't play KI so don't know if u can boot people or drop out of a match tho.

evil, it only takes a long time with exhibition matches. If I play a ranked match or join a lobby, it's actually pretty fast.

Thanks for your input, Stud.