False complaints?

Hey guys. I've had a young xbox player (Eh, 10?) constantly filing false complaints against me. I've tried to (kindly) tell him that filing false complaints can backfire (EG getting you banned) and are just a waste of his time. All he does is swear (a lot) and keep filing them. He has even threatened to make a bunch of accounts just to file more complaints. I'm really at a loss as to what to do. Thanks for your help.


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All you need to do is avoid the player. Block communication, avoid the player and even file a complaint on him if necessary. If you have done nothing wrong, you have nothing to worry about.


Report him to microsoft cause i believe your not even allowed more then 1 account. then ignore him block him.

Trouble is, I have him muted etc. He is the little brother of my friend, so he runs into the room and talks trash when his brother is on.

Have your friend turn off auto login. Simple as that!

[quote user="TheSilverhead"]I'm really at a loss as to what to do.[/quote]Block communication and ignore the child. The Vulcan system takes care of false complaints.[quote user="OniLink150"]Report him to microsoft cause i believe your not even allowed more then 1 account.[/quote]There is no limitation the number of accounts a person can own/have.

Also, auto sign in has no effect here. He just screams obscentities when his older brother (my friend) is playing.

There is nothing you can really do. Report, block, move on. I understand it gets annoying when he is the brother of a friend but if he was a friend he'd tell his brother to leave the room. You have done all you can do. We both know there is nothing more you can do but block and report.


Sorry to hear that you're having trouble with some kid online, as the others say, avoid, block and report . . unfortunatly there are some idiots that inhabit the dark corners of Xbox live. Perhaps also tell your friend you're playing with to stop his little brother from giving you grief . . perhaps the owner of the offending xbox can put a Xbox LIVE pass code on the younger brothers profile so he can't get access unless a member of his family, or perhaps your friend enters the code for him? . . If i was the older brother . . that's what i'd do?

Wait, does this kid have his own account? Or does he share with his brother?

Truthfully, I would remind your friend, that even if it is someone there with him.. That could cause him to get into trouble with the Enforcment Squad. You are always responsible for the things that go on with your gamertag, and what/people do when you/they are logged into it.

Also, you can have as many gamertag's as you want. I, myself have 3 different accounts, but only use this one for anything anymore. My husband has 2.

As long as you are following;



You should be fine, even if someone is turning you in. From what I have noticed, Xbox looks into all complaints and just doesn't take someone at their word that they did something wrong.