Fallout new vegas

Hey people, I bought Fallout new vegas which was £15. I just played the game for half an hour, completed the first mission and so. Anyone give me recommendations and suggestions on how this game is, how to play this game the good way and if this game is hard.


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if you played fallout 3 just like that

if you havent then i would say do all the quests you can find! avoid the deathclaws like the plague and thats a quest to get a companion whos an awesome addition, hes a sniper called boone if i remeber correctly and is hiding in a big plastic dinosaur

also you could of got it a lot cheaper then 15 quid

[quote user="WorstedOrphan"] I bought Fallout new vegas which was £15. how to play this game the good way and if this game is hard.


firstly £15 ouch


dont head north till about level 8 or 10

It does not matter how much you paid for the game.

The Best way to play the game - Is YOUR way.  You make your own choices & learn from any mistakes.

Save often, lol, & just enoy the game.

P.S.  There is a Game Forum for this Game!

1. Always carry a shovel.

2. get partners as soon as you can.

3. NEVER turn your back on a Sexbot  (LOL)

Also guys, I'm in a dilemma. There is a mission either I can take Ringo, Trudy's side or I can take the power ganger side, which side shall I take and which will I get more benefits out of. Keep in mind, the power gangers the bad side.

It all depends on if you want to play as good or bad, there are a lot of choices in the game that you have to decide what to do, depending on what choices you make reflect on the final ending.I found ED-E very useful from the store in Primm,Cassidys quest is a big decision to make as well.you can get into the strip as well for 500 caps with a fake passport from a couple o guys who own a shop.