Fallout New Vegas questions

At the moment, I am in dilemma of two things which I am unsure about. Firstly, I am doing missions for Brotherhood of Steel, they seem friendly, if I carry on being good to the, I will obtain a power armour which is super-good also I love the NCR. If I start to love Brotherhood of Steel, the NCR wont like me. I will I be able to bring Brotherhood of steel and NCR together and make them be allies and which Brotherhood of steel person shall I make leader?

There is a mission to kill all Van Graffs (Master of Energy weapons), shall I kill them all? Van Graffs seem to be the only people who sell energy weapons. Van Graffs seems to be extremely selfish too.


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Use your pip boy, play Dog them audio clip you have which will turn him into his alter-ego and then he will pull switches for you.

OP this is the beauty of Fallout.  Choose your own path and suffer the consequences.  

(or just use save file wisely ;0P)

I also need help. Im stuck on dead money with dog who wont pull the switches. How do i get him to pull them.