Fallout: New Vegas Honest Hearts

I have planned on getting this very soon but was wondering if it is really worth it? I am a huge fan of New Vegas and thought the first DLC was great as well as the main game. However i have looked online and been informed this DLC is short, can be buggy and has a boring set of quests with no real addition of weapons and armour? Now can anyone here shed some light on this?


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If you like Vegas you cant go wrong,  great open area to explore,  loads of quests and locations good story, some nice guns to pick up.  Personally i loved it.   And if you call 10hrs short for 800 points then well i guess you cant please everyone.  And there will be some who say "i did it in 1hr"   quite frankly those people are numptys.  Fallout is not about blitzing through as fast as you can.  Only critisism i have is although there are a lot of locations to be found and explore not many of them have anything really interesting about them.  No bugs for me either.


[quote user="Genchy"]great open area to explore[/quote]

Great news after the claustrophobiafest of dead money!


[quote user="PhenomenalFox"]

[quote user="Genchy"]great open area to explore[/quote]

Great news after the claustrophobiafest of dead money!



Indeed and you can revisit after the you have played it out, so its all good,   The open feel of it contrasts nicely with Dead Money.  

Good, doesn't sound too bad. Many places were saying it can be done in Half and hour, but as you said, that is when you zip through it. I have purchased it and i am just waiting to get back on my xbox before i play

Could someone sum up Dead Money in a sentence or two and whether it's value for money? I started Honest Hearts a few days before LA Noire, as for it being short well I've played it for an hour and i'm still on one of the first quests, wandering around countryside looking for Brahmin to zap

Dead Money is a good bit of DLC. Stealth based, or run and gun, depending on your taste. Plenty of gold bars to steal too, which sets you up for the rest of the game. I'd say it was worth it.

cheers dude.

It's great. Big area, cool weapons, enemies and location.

Definitly worth buying if you're a massive NV fan.

It is also a great contrast to the claustrophobic Dead Money (which was also fantastic I might add!).