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Hey guys, I am playing Fallout new vegas at the moment, I am in Primm at the moment and finding alot of trouble. I have really bad guns, I have guns which are 9mm Pistol, Laser pistol, varmint rifle and this is it and its all bad and I keep dying because of the powder gangers. At Goodsprings, I had a choice of helping Ringo or Power gangers, I helped Ringo. I hardly got gifted any good guns or any money. I am wondering If I helped Joe Cobb (Power gangers) maybe I would have had a better outcome in the game, can anyone helped me out here?






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Just keep going mate.

As with all Fallout games, the start is the hardest. Once your up and running, you just fly through it. Your still right at the start, so don't panic.

I can't remember the location of any good guns around there, but use the Varmint Rifle. It's pretty nice actually. Snipe the Powder Gangers from range going for headshots. Make sure when you level up you put your skills in the right places. VATS accuracy is always a good one.

Oh, and I helped Ringo too!

lavin, After you helped Ringo. Did you do and try to save Beagie in Primm?

Found it easier the 2nd play through when i used a girl and the perk of man killer makes the game easy.

e Dunno about Beagie, can't remember the story. But, my first playthrough I played "good". So if it was a good character needed saving, yes I would of saved them :) Remind me of who Beagie is, and I'll try remember.

And I played male as well.

It seems this game's strategy guide is very essential. I have to start this game all over again. In Primm, I had many gunfights and I used up all my stimpaks, doctor bags and seems like I am screwed. Should I take the Powder Ganger's side this time?

A problem shared is a problem halved. Pick up a companion and share the load. Boone, the night time sniper of Novac is a good choice, or you can find the Eyebot, ED-E, in the Mojave Express in Primm itself.