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Hey guys, I was doing the mission where you have to inquire and see who killed his wife and kidnapped her. Boone is a night time lookout sniper for Novac. I was looking on youtube and stuff and found that Jeanie May Crawford was the woman who kidnapped Boone's wife and sold her as a slave. What I was supposed to do is send jeanie may front of the dinosaur and then you gotta show boone the proof that it was jeanie may that was the one that killed boone's wife. I had no proof back and I couldnt do the science 55 because I wasnt 55 back then. I told Boone it was jeanie may but I had no proof. He then told me to never talk to him again and told me to get lost because I had no proof. I was exploring Novac now and I find a safe with the proof. I cant talk to Boone and give him the proof, he just tells me to get lost. Also I really want him as my companion, he seems to be the best companion in the whole game.


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Sounds like Boone has taste....why not use an earlier save point till before you spoke with him about jeanie and select a different Conversation tree

I dont have any earlier save point, certainly not before I spoked to Boone. Sadly, :(

First rule of RPG's, seperate saves and lots of them.

If you are going to play the game again then Boone is good to get. His sniper makes dealing with deathclaws a heck of a lot easier. Dont worry about not getting him though, any single one of the companions are a huge help.

You cannot get Boone back, however it is no loss, later in the game when you encounter more of Ceasars Legion, YET do not want to fight them you will have to leave Boone in places, and it makes his companionship tedious. So it is not a major loss, despite being rather powerful.

I personally prefer the Mutant or Cassy. Just load a new save to get the achievement associated with companions, but it isn't a loss. He's very depressing.

I was evil when I played that game. I completed it but ended up just killing everyone along the way. I think Boone was one of the first to go. Oops, hehe.

I would strongly advise attacking all members of the legion you see, the deathsquads arent hard.........honest....  and the best way to get to Vegas if you are a low level is straight down the middle of the map past the quarry, in fact the quarry is quite a nice spot for a picnic on the way to Vegas.

If i remember right the evidence is found in a safe in the floor of the giftshop.