Fallout 4 and Early Adopters.

As we near the launch of one of the most anticipated titles of 2015, I can’t help but remember past Bethesda titles and their not so smooth launches. That’s right I’m talking about bugs. Pains in the rear. Quest breaking bugs!

Previous Fallouts had them and The Elder Scrolls games had them. They were eventually patched but in most cases you needed to begin a new play-through for the patch(es) to be applied.

So for the people getting Fallout 4 on day one: How many bugs to you predict knowing Bethesda’s track record?

  1. 0 Bugs. The game will be perfection. A work of art.
  2. 1-10 Bugs. But nothing you can’t deal with. Minor problems.
  3. 1-10 Bugs. Some quests will be unable to complete without a patch.
  4. 11-20 Bugs. More of option 2. but raising concern about the game.
  5. 11-20 Bugs. More of option 3. but causing alarm that certain aspects of the game is broken. Considering stopping your play-through until a major patch is released addressing numerous problems.
  6. 21+ Bugs. Game is unplayable.

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I'm hoping for option 2. But I feel that it might be option 3.

oy oy I like this thread. I not an early buyer since I never played but I going with 6 dropping to 5 in the first month. And floating around 3 and 4 in December.  Dropping to 2 in Feb 2016.

I played all of the elder scrolls and fallout games since morrowind at launch and yes there were bugs but guess I've been lucky because I haven't experienced game breaking bugs in ANY of those games and I expect fallout 4 to be no different

It will not be 1 or 6.

I would expect some bugs with quests that do not show up for everybody.  Things that could slip through any testing.  And the probably 2-3 bugs that probably should have been caught.  But with the way game development is there is no way they will catch all bugs.

I just hope that there are no game save bugs.  I know a lot of people think that all this stuff would be caught in testing/debugging but not always.  I have a program I wrote that I have used for a few months now.  And I found that I have a save bug.  It will usually save but for some reason occasionally I get file corruption.  I do have a save system that saves the newest file in the alternate spot.  When I open the program the most recent file is loaded.  If an error happens I am notified and it reverts back to the previous save so always a working save.  Still not sure what is causing it.  And this particular program is nowhere near as large as something like Fallout 4.  So I can see how these bugs can go unnoticed until release because the exact right circumstances might be required to hit that bug and that was missed.

Obviously I'm hoping for zero problems but will that happen? I somehow doubt it but I hope I'm wrong.

Unfortunately this day and age there's not many games released without some issues! I think the only way it would ever get better is for gamers to say .. "Enough is Enough" ... and vote with their wallets! Only hand over your cash when you know there's a trouble free game.Trouble is how many would wait for something like Fallout 4 which I'd bet ALOT of gamers are chomping at the bit to play? I know I'll be a day one buyer so I can't blame gamers for rushing in day one when I'm guilty of it myself.

Maybe it's the wrong attitude to take but a broken/buggy game is not a matter of life and death for me. My attitude is, I know the risks we take, if it needs patching/fixing I'm willing to wait, I won't lose sleep over it.

The thing the worries me more though is will I enjoy it. Fallout 3 is my favourite last gen game but as much as I looked forward to Fallout Vegas, I just couldn't get into it, a major letdown so I hope Fallout 4 doesn't go the same way. Again the chance you take with any game. No matter how good a game looks/sounds to you now, how can you really know how much you will or won't enjoy it to you actually play it, I don't believe you can.

Anyway, fingers crossed :)

Same as PKVAS here, guess I was lucky, I even got through NV unscathed!  

I must confess , I am looking forward to this game but haven't really looked into anything about it. Do you guys know if there are still using that dreadful Gamebryo Engine ?

Usually,Elder Scrolls and Fallout are around "level " 4-5,with less issues for Fallout.

But mainly because Elder Scrolls games were release before and devs got more time to work on their engine.

This time,Fallout 4 comes first with a new/updated engine and for the first time on current gen platforms.

Be prepare.

With all games like these, no doubt there will be obligatory  'day one patch' to fix some bugs and I think we've quite lucky with these games that there haven't been any major game breaking bugs on launch.  I don't recall encountering any major bugs on my many sessions on Oblivion, Fallout 3, Fallout NV and Skyrim.

The best advice is to keep saving.  At least you should be able to back a stage if you do encounter a major bug.

The Engine is a next generation version of the 'Creation Engine', the same engine used for Skyrim

Well I hope this time around its better ( the engine ), playing Skyrim on 7th gen hardware, the whole time I felt like my machine was melting from the inside.

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