FAIL Microsoft again!

Xbox gamescom 2013 "wrap up #1"

In the video at 17:06 you show off with Call of Duty

Matt Bilbey , manager EA sports


A manager from EA sports talking about Call Of Duty are you people for real??


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Proof once again that people will complain about anything and everything.

Now KIDDETH it just makes them look stupid.

If they don't even know that cod is from Activision and that the person works for infinity ward.

If you are a gamer then at least you should know that.

Who still uses Fail or Epic to describe something?  Will you chill out.  There's no need to have an internet meltdown.

^ Lol.. Right?

Was expecting something big after the disaster of E3. A launch date would have been enough for *** sake

I think they need to show somthing about Kinect. If Xboxone is built around this this thing lets see what it can do. I guess they are unsure on a launch date.

Agree I wanna see more about Kinect.

^^ I direct you here, sir.