Fable: Heroes leaked by xbox.com

The latest game in the downward spiral that is the fable series has been leaked by the xbox.com website and it looks like some kind of party game. (no wonder we heard about key staff leaving Lionhead, MS are doing to Lionhead what they did to Rare)

Lionhead are also rebooting their website with a countdown and a "hero-style" button as a tease.


Now to dig out those facepalm pics at the current state of first party gaming on the xbox............


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reminds me of the cel shaded Zelda

I don't like the look of it... having also watched the trailers, it's so... awful...

Who's got their money on this being another add in mini game to the main game like the Fable 2 pub games thing ?

Another arcade game for you to buy to help in the main game. Umm no thanks.

Well going only from a screen shot is not much to go on. it looks like a silly arcade kinda game not their next big title.

No thanks, Lionhead.

Oh no another fable game which i know i will end up buying due to the fact that i believe the hype.