Fable 3 Legendary weapons

I was wondering if anyone is able to help me out with the 6 last remaining weapons on fable 3 so i can get the achievement?


The weapons i am looking for are:

Blood Craver - Gun

Scatter shot - Gun


Jacks Hammer - Hammer


Avo's lamentation - Sword

Really sharp pair of scissors - Sword

The cassanova - Sword.


Any help would be appreciated.


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I need:


1 Avo's Lamentation

2 Beadle's Cutlass

9 Souldrinker

11 The Swinging Sword


17 Jack's Hammer

20 Scythe's Warhammer

21 Sorrow's Fist

22 Tanner's Glory


27 Bloodcraver

29 Briar's Blaster

35 The Ice Maiden


48 Simmon's Shotgun

49 Skorm's Justice

We might be able to help each other out with a few.

Also i forgot to mention i also need the wolfsbane sword if anyone has it?