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Anyone who still plays Fable and needs help.


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Hey am looking to get the doll collection achievement so for anyone who plays fable 2 and has Garth + Hammer doll can you message. I can retrade you the dolls back once i get achievement and can trade you any you dont have.

I have 4 dolls currently Hero, Lucien, Thersea, Reaver.

Hope to hear back.

Try x360a.com :)

managed to find someone today to help but cheers for offering help :)

I still need help obtaining the hero doll if anyone is willing. Thanks!

I could do with some achievement hunting on Fable 2, if anyone fancies it? I have no idea if people still even play this!

Yep some of us still are! I've about finished, just looking for folks to hunt co-op achievements.


The best thing to do is switch other peoples orbs on in the options menu. Then go to Bowerstone Market and wait around for people.


Your best doing it when the Americans can get on, so try to get on at around 5pm USA time during the week, or anytime during weekend. Fable II has probably got the most helpful community any game has ever seen, and the member of that game are always willing to help new people.

Bit of a late reply, but if anyone still needs the doll achievement I can check my saves (doubt I would of deleted them) and hook you up. Will probably be on tomorrow around 6pm ish.

Question......  How does one go about acquiring the items in the "Ancestor Chest"?  Someone mentioned to me something about having to play an online flash game version of the game in order to receive the items from the chest....And something about a "Limited Edition" version of the game....  Can anyone clear up this confusion for me?  I'm lost.