F3AR Help!

Ok, so everyone said playing F3AR on Insane only using Fettel was quite tricky.

I like a challenge, and breezed through the whole game. Until, I hit the very end of Chapter 7. Basically, the last real fight in the game. And I'm stuck. Realllllly stuck.

It's the bit with the infinite Helldog spawn where you have to open the gate, and close the gate. I can survive the first part, as I can jump on the forklift. But once on the other side of the gate I'm doomed.

Has anyone managed this on Insane as Fettel?

I've got no bodies to posses, and therefore no weapons except melee and fettel blast.

Is there anyplace I can semi hide?

I can see this being easy with Point Man, even on Insane. Shotgun FTW. But Fettel with no weapons, it's just solid lol.


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Tough part mate.

I did this as Point Man and that was a struggle so I can imagine it being hell as Fettel!