F1 2012 AI is awful

ok so i got this game the other day and am trying to do a co-op season and every race without fail i get spun out by one of the AI drivers or get a penalty for racing my line and trying to race clean. the AI in this game is a joke how are you ment to win when the CPU just wants to drive through you

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Turn AI up to a harder setting, they should be going at same speed as you then and you won't have as many crashes. Drive sensibly and you shouldn't have any problems, I've done several seasons and only had 4 or 5 crashes, most of them my own fault.

yeah only problem you cant catch the front runners if you play on the high difficulty if you get a poo grid postion

Do one shot qualifying, get a good starting position then.

I am i tend to always come in the top 4 but still first corner someone hits me up the bum and spins me out or i get a pen for illgeal blocking on a corner even though im braking to turn

F1 games are notorious for bad AI, should have called the games bumper cars